1.) Always respect an admin and do not ask for in-game items, you can donate instead and receive rewards whenever you want!

2.) No hacking or cheating (No second chances)

3.) No impersonating Admins or Players

4.) No unnecessary or persistent swearing or insults

5.) Please keep the main chat English, private messaging may be done in your own native language.

6) Report players (with video proof) who are cheating or showing abusive behaviour. (No proof = no solution)

Supreme Rust encourages players to record their game sessions in an effort to fight hackers and to support accusations or claims.​

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the server and understand that the rules above exist to help balance gameplay and ensure everyone has fun!

By playing on this server, you agree to follow the rules and understand that failure to abide by them will cause you to be temporarily or even permanently banned.
When playing on our server you agree with our terms and service. 

Banned players can appeal for a second chance in our community .